1,030 on November 14

14 Nov

Definitely not my best shooting performance, and father-in-law/rebounder/coffee provider Jack was quick to point out that on each of the 10 times I was at a multiple of 100, I only made four on the first attempt.  That’s 40 percent, and that’s called choking, to you and me.  Imagine how bad I could be if anyone was watching?

Even so, Jack and I busted through 1,030 in about an hour and 50 minutes, so it was all good in the end.  On the other hand, if 1 million is out there watching, I don’t think he’s scared yet.  We’re still 994,613 away from his lair.

Noah just told me, “Just take it a shot at a time.”  He’s right.

5,387 made shots.  Endless gratitude.

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