Crossing over: HFH hits 10,000 on Nov. 18

19 Nov

Dave, Noah and Auntie LJ (with her player to be named later).

The first major threshold was crossed tonight when we hit our 1,183rd of the evening, bringing the overall total foul shots made to 10,000, or 1 percent of the 1 million makes that we’ve set as the goal.  We popped in 7 more for good luck, bringing the night’s total to 1,190 and overall 10,007.

But the coolest part of the night wasn’t the number on the big board, but instead the fact that my sister Laura, aka Auntie LJ, was there providing rebounding help from start to finish … her, and the little dude she’s carrying around inside.  And by the way, the pregnant girl has some serious skills when it comes to collecting and distributing the basketball.  Very fast, very efficient.  Noah and Grampa Seth also chipped in, but it was LJ and Belly who stuck around from start to finish, so a huge thank you to those two in particular.

It’s probably also worth noting that my right pointer finger is starting to wear down at the tip.  I had it bandaged yesterday, but tonight I covered up the middle one instead, and the pointer is starting to look a little raw.  Otherwise, physically things seem fine, but we’ll see how the finger issue shapes up tomorrow.

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