1,100 on November 22

22 Nov

Nothing real interesting about today, other than the fact that I was on my own more than I had been before today.  Noah and Korey joined me at the gym, but instead of playing fetch with my basketball for the entire two hours, they understandably chose to go off to their own rims and play.  Who can blame them?

What I learned:  On the days that I’ve got no rebounder, 1,000 in two hours will probably be a pretty decent day.  And I can live with that.

As for today, with those guys helping out for probably a cumulative half-hour, we dropped in 1,100, bringing the total to 14,637.  Not counting our first day, when we did 10, this was our 12th day of shooting … meaning we’re averaging about 1,220 per day.  If we kept that pace up, we’d be done in 819 days, well ahead of our 1,000-day estimate.  But we won’t.

By the way, the adjacent photo is kind of interesting on two fronts: 1) I didn’t count on my fingertips going a little raw in this process; and 2) Setting the boo-boo aside, have you ever seen more disgusting, stubby-looking fingertips?  I haven’t.  I’m kind of embarrassed to even put that up here.

OK, so 14,637 down, 985,363 to go.

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