A new benchmark: 1,460 on November 23

24 Nov

Mr. Christopher Nicolopoulos said it could be done … and so it was.

The previous two-hour Hoops For Heroes record, 1,430 held by rebounder Mike Keeler, lasted only four days.  Then along came Chris and his iron will, and two hours later we had 1,460 in the books.  So who’s next to challenge the title?  Keeler again?  Kara Bean, who’s probably all of 5 feet but has the spirit of Dennis Rodman?  Pat Welch, the eighth-grade AAU phenom who’s someday bound to be a Pembroke Academy star?  Or will C-Nic return to bury his own record?

You know, standing around collecting the ball as it comes through the net (or bounces off the rim) for two hours isn’t exactly riveting stuff … so at least this pursuit of the top two-hour mark (did somebody say 1,500?) helps keep things somewhat interesting.

We’re at 16,097 down, 983,903 to go.

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