Zazza and 1,300 on November 25

25 Nov

Happy Thanksgiving Eve, and at this very moment I’m grateful for my buddy Robbie and his amazing passion and honesty and friendship and, wow, an uncanny ability to take a ball out of a hoop and get it back to the foul line at an remarkably high rate of speed.

We made 1,300, which isn’t the best number on the board to date — Chris Nicolopoulos still holds that distinction at 1,460 in two hours — but based on the 1 hour, 40 minutes it took us to get to 1,300, it was the fastest rate yet at 13 makes per minute (or 1 every 4.6 seconds).  Nice work, Bobby!

I had decided to opt for accuracy by not taping up my bad finger, which turned out well in terms of a shooting percentage but probably a choice I won’t make again until it’s completely healed up.  It opened pretty quickly today, and by the end of the session a few of my spatterings had actually been transferred to the ball and then onto Rob’s hands.  (Is it being melodramatic to make a “blood brothers” reference here?  Probably, but I’m going to do it anyway.)  Yes, Blood Brothers.

A great day to see one of the greatest guys I know.

That’s now a total of 18,470 down, 981,530 to go.

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