1,200 on November 27

27 Nov

Thank you, Korey, Noah and Dad.

On a pretty decent day shooting, percentage-wise, we passed the 20,000 mark with 1,200 makes.  Noah and Korey were there for the first 500, and Dad cleaned up the last 700.

Not much more to say, although I guess there’s this:  I’m more encouraged now about the physical end of this.  Before we started, I really wasn’t sure what kind of physiological toll, if any, this would take.  After the first few days, I was feeling it in the back, shoulder, forearm and wrist … particularly in the wrist, where I was getting symptoms that make me think of what arthritis probably feels like.  So for that first week, I wasn’t sure whether those were injuries in their formative stages, or just aches and pains that I would grow out of.  Well, there’s obviously plenty more to do here, but at this stage I’m thinking that my back, shoulder, forearm and wrist are getting stronger … as all of those symptoms are a little less each day.

Who knows?  My right arm might fall off tomorrow, but at this moment I’m feeling like this can be done.


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