Mark and Leanna Travis and 1,470

29 Nov


By the wall clock, I thought the three of us — Mark Travis, his daughter Leanna and I — had broken the two hour mark of 1,460, but after further review, our 1,470 made free throws was a two hour and two minute venture, so the official two-hour mark was a still-excellent-but-not-record-breaking 1,450.

Mark’s a lefty with great fundamentals and patience, in other words perfect for this particular job — two hours of ball-getting monotony.  And Leanna, a freshman who plays soccer and basketball for Lebanon High, is an obvious athlete, and was the perfect match for her dad on the opposite side of the lane.

Great thanks to both Mark and Leanna, and I hope they’ll be back once or more over the next couple of years.  It wasn’t exactly exciting, but it was two hours well-spent.

We’re closing in on being a quarter of the way to a tenth of the way there  (not sure if that makes it sound better or worse), at 23,477 down, 976,523 to go.

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