Zooming past 25k with Freddy Vezina

02 Dec

You know, one of the early revelations in this whole process is that I know some pretty dang fine people.

I guess I was aware of that already, but tonight with the re-emergence of Fred Vezina into my life — even if for just a couple of fleeting hours — it kind of struck home.  Fred is a guy I knew in college (at the fifth of my five-school tour), and he’s just an absolute prince, the kind of guy you can run into once every five or 10 years and feel like you’ve stayed in touch right along.  The conversation flows quick and steady, the laughs come easy.  He’s currently the athletic director at Bishop Brady in Concord and as good a man as you’re going to meet.  And yes, I know that even having seen him only twice in the last 16 years.

Plus, the cat can haul down a rebound or two and gidder-back.

On a night when we leaped over the 25,000 mark, I didn’t shoot particularly well.  As I shared with Fred, it’s the first time in the 21 days since Hoops For Heroes began that I felt, during about a 200-shot period somewhere around 400-600, like I’d never played the sport before.  There are some days when it feels real easy.  Then there was tonight, especially during that one stretch, when it was more like each shot was at best a kind of distant hope.

The point is this:  Fred’s hoop skills compensated, and we set a new two-hour mark of 1,480 made on the way to, through and beyond 25k.  And here’s the dammit moment:  A look at the tape showed that we actually had about two minutes left, which definitely would have been time to jump over the 1,500 threshold.  Had I shot better, and had we used up the full two hours, who knows what number might have been had?

But it was a great night anyway, almost entirely due to my re-acquaintance with one Mr. Freddy Vezina.  Hope we can do it again soon.

And for the record, that’s 25,957 down, 974,043 to go to 1 million.

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