An easy 1,100 with Dad

06 Dec

There was something about tonight.

At the gym with Dad, after a long day of kid basketball (Mason and Noah had practices) and sledding, the first snow of the season, and mellow.  Some nights it seems kind of harder than others.  Tonight was one of the easy nights.

Had a 60-something streak at one point, made about 155 out of 158 at one point, probably shot about 92 or 93 percent overall, and in general just felt like, Why would I miss?  Believe me, it’s not always like this — in fact, this is a first — but it’s nice when it happens.

We weren’t especially fast, and maybe that’s part of the trick, but we did get through 1,100 in about an hour and 50 minutes, so I’ll take that every time.

And we also crossed the 3 percent mark, to 30,107 … that’s 969,893 to go.

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  1. Paige

    December 6, 2009 at 1:12 pm



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