A late-night 1,000 with Dad

09 Dec

On an unrelated subject, this is our Christmas tree, which we finished decorating today.  It didn’t look nearly as big in the field, next to many other like-sized trees, as it does in our living room, next to our children and small dog.

Now, as to items relevant to this here blog …

This was the first time since we began about a month ago that today has leaked into tomorrow during one of these foul shooting romps.

Because I’m perfectly incapable of grocery shopping (very confusing), that weekly or bi-weekly chore is left to TBH (The Beautiful Heth).  Tonight her work night was late, which in turn meant she and her mom, TBE (The Beautiful Earlene), had a late night of shopping, which in turn meant that it was about 10:15 before Papa and I got to shooting.

Of note, a couple things:  1. It turns out that basketball nets are good for about 35,000-ish foul shots before they start shredding, according to the torn twine on the school hoop we’re using; and 2. There must have been some sort of assembly at the school today (or maybe it’s tomorrow), because the gray rubber flooring was rolled out over a good part of the floor, including the foul line.  Duck (or is it Duct?) tape was as good as any foul line, and away we went.

Long story short, about an hour and 50 minutes later we had 1,000 made free throws logged, bringing our grand total to …

… 34,497 down, 965,503 to go.

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One response to “A late-night 1,000 with Dad

  1. Chris

    December 9, 2009 at 12:04 pm

    Can’t wait to see you get that tree out of the house!


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