2,010 with Kevin Gray on December 10

11 Dec

This wasn’t officially the fastest yet — Uncle Dana’s 1,860 from last Sunday still stands as the best two-hour pace — but Kevin Gray (and Noah and Mason) did the rebounding honors last night for the best single-day total yet:  2,010 made free throws.

No other way to put it:  Kevin Gray, he of the Union Leader sports department, is a jock … one of those guys who can probably do just about anything requiring athletic prowess well.  Once hit one into the screen at Fenway Park during a baseball game for journalists, and has a batting practice home run to his credit at Yankee Stadium.  Just the way he moves around you know that on any field or court, he’s going to excel.

In this particular venue for this particular task, he’s perfect.  Not only does he rarely let the ball touch the ground, flicking it back almost as soon as it’s through the net (or not, in some cases), but more times than not, he sent it back spinning in a way that the seams landed in my right hand exactly the way they needed to leave it.  No adjustment necessary.  Kind of bizarre, actually, but I have a feeling he knew just what he was doing.

So anyway, we took some breaks, we chatted it up a bit, and we stopped to rap with TBH (The Beautiful Heth) when she showed up to get Mason.  KG also wanted to get Noah into the mix more, so he deferred for a couple hundred here and there.  As good as Noah is, he’s about two feet behind KG on the measuring stick, and let’s face it … this is basketball.  Length has its advantages.

Still, it was fast, and in particular the last 100 was lightning.  Noah had us on the timer, and we ripped through Nos. 1,900-2,000 in something like 5 minutes, 40 seconds.  Then we did 10 at the end to beat the old single-day mark.

So 2,010 it was, bringing the big number to 37,707 made free throws (and the even bigger number, 962,293 to go), on the way to 1 million.

Coming up on 4 percent!

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