Raaaaaaaaaaaaynmaaaaaaaan! … 1,700

12 Dec

It’s important to have friends who are great listeners, those who genuinely care and really want you to lean on them in trying times.  Equally important is to have friends who occasionally need you as the listener, who need you to genuinely care, who need to do the leaning … on you.  With those two qualifications in mind, just about the perfect friend is Mr. Ray Duckler.

(I promised myself I wasn’t going to cry.)

OK, so now that it’s time to awkwardly transition from my impersonation of Dr. Phil back to this basketball-for-charity blog, let’s say this:  Ray is almost as good a rebounder as he is a pal.

He was quick, he was focused, he wanted my hands up for a target, and he never once threw a bounce pass.  Not that I mind a good bounce pass, you know?  Just a point of interest:  On every single one, even if he was halfway across the gym after an ugly miss on my part, it was hand-to-hand passes only.  No floor involved.

So you can imagine things went pretty darned well.  With a couple short Gatorade breaks thrown in to keep the electrolytes flowing (I have no idea what I’m talking about there, by the way), Ray and I added 1,700 to the overall total.  Then we hugged it out, like good friends are prone to doing.

Don’t look now, but we’re dangerously close to the 4 percent mark.  That’s 39,407 down, 960,593 to go to 1 million.

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