Mr. Superintendent, twice Grand

15 Dec

I’m pretty sensitive to the fact that for the folks who are kind enough to come and rebound, this is not exactly the epitome of fun, or excitement, or anything remotely close to what they might otherwise be doing with a couple hours in their day.  With that in mind, I make clear from the beginning that it’s up to them to decide for how long, or for how many made free throws, we’ll go in a given session.

For the most part, they buy in to the two-hour thing, so I can generally count on between 1,200 and 1,400 makes on any one night.

Tonight, I heard words I love to hear, from the SAU 53 Superintendent of Schools, no less:  “I’m a pretty competitive guy.”

There stood Peter Warburton, dressed a bit formally for the occasion immediately following a school board meeting, but clearly fired up to make his mark on this venture.  When we got to 1,700 shortly after two hours had passed, I kind of assumed that was it, so I gave a grateful high five and started walking off the court.

“Is that it?” he asked.

“Well, yeah,” I answered.

Come to find out, he wasn’t exactly ready for that to be it.  The previous high-water mark being 2,010 for one day’s session, Peter wanted to better it … so away we went, for another 25 minutes, finishing with the new one-day’s best — 2,020.


Thanks for bringing the competitive juices, Peter.  That was some serious fun … at least for me.

And for those who are in any way interested, here’s the video.

That’s 43,527 down, 956,473 to go.

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