It takes an Army: 1,000/50,000 on Dec. 19

20 Dec

Not sure how Bruce and Jen Army feel about today’s 80 minutes that they’ll never get back, but I sure am glad they were around on what turned out to be a big day in the world of Hoops For Heroes.

Here’s how this evolved:  About a month and a half ago, I made the first 10 HFH foul shots at a Veterans Day Assembly at Epsom Central School.  That day, I’m told, the Army boys, third-grader Christian and first-grader Harry, went home very excited to contribute some rebounding time to the cause, so we scheduled yesterday — December 19 — as the day the boys would come over, spend part of the day playing with Noah and Mason at our place, and then join us at the gym.

Now, this is not the first time and it won’t be the last that I write about my acute understanding of how this whole rebounding thing is just about the opposite of exciting.  I will describe it here:

Look up, see the ball, grab the ball, pass the ball.






Then do it again about a thousand or so times, and you’ve got it.

So, if you know anything about elementary school kids, you probably understand that this particular activity might hold their interest for about the first 7 seconds, and that’s pushing it.  Not surprisingly, that’s the way it was for Harry, the first-grader (Incidentally, my own first-grader, Mason, didn’t even come down to the gym, as his 7 seconds elapsed week ago).  Christian, the third-grader, actually got threw a few minutes before he joined his brother, along with Noah and Korey, for a bunch of actual fun at the other end of the court.

Meanwhile, huge thanks to Jen and Bruce, who stayed on the foul-shooting end of the court and helped get through 1,000 made shots — including No. 50,000 overall — before gathering up the kids and heading out to dinner.

That’s 50,027 down, 949,973 to go to 1 million made free throws.  We’re 5 percent there.

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