Sutton Central School: 1,200 on Dec. 23

23 Dec

The folks at Sutton Central School know how to make a guy feel at home.  Things 1, 2 and 3 (That’s Noah, Mason and Rosie) joined me today for an early morning road trip up Route 89 to Sutton, where Principal Steve Potoczak (pictured leading the count, above) and staff had invited us to make a few shots with the kids and talk a little about what Hoops For Heroes is doing here.

It was a great day.  Every single student in grades 1-5 was able to spend at least a little time rebounding, and two-plus hours later we had put another 1,200 in the books.  The events even included the fourth-graders’ presentation of a “Here’s What 1 Million Looks Like” chart (photo at right, with our progress marked in red), which admittedly made me gulp a little bit (Glad no one showed me that two months ago!) … Well-done, everyone.

A special shout out to Caleb, Cody, Brett and Jack (pictured rebounding) for their interest in HFH, which is what brought us north in the first place … also to staff member Linda Messer, the woman who gave me life some 42 years ago, for organizing the assembly and generally being an all-around super momma.

And finally, a great big thank you to Title 1 teacher Linda Kilar, for the “Positivity” bracelet — the quintessential memento.  I’ll wear it for as long as it will have me.

That’s 55,207 down, 944,793 to go to 1 million made foul shots.

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