Calling Dr. Pride! 1,700 on Dec. 26

26 Dec

Here’s what I’ve got to say about this Yuri Pride, M.D. fellow:  If he takes on a task, just stand back and behold.

Started playing basketball at around the age of 18, and within a couple months went from throwing the ball over the backboard to a seriously skilled playground kind of player.  Gained a bunch of extra pounds he wasn’t too pleased with a couple years back and decided to work out … now he looks like Hugh Jackman in “Wolverine.”  Took a break from UNH after some sub-par academics, then went on to become, well, a doctor.

Oh, and one other thing:  Don’t ever challenge him to a stick-your-hand-in-the-snowbank-for-one-minute-then-see-how-long-you-can-high-five contest.  This I know from experience.  He will not be the one to give in.

So that’s a bit about Yuri.  The other thing is that he’s a darned good pal, the kind of pal you’d want rebounding for you a night or two if you were thinking about making a million foul shots.

And that’s just where he was Saturday afternoon, under the hoop at Bishop Brady High School for a couple of hours while 1,700 more free throws went down.  And as a bonus, his brother Misha, son Jackson, daughter Grace and dad Mike (my former boss and an icon in New Hampshire journalism … I truly hope I used “icon” correctly there) stopped by for awhile to play on the other end of the gym floor.

Yuri was fast, and I’d say I had a slightly ab0ve-average shooting kind of day, landing us almost at 6 percent of the goal … at 59,507 down, 940,493 to go.

Thanks, Dr. Pride.

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