A snowy 200 with Jaydon

28 Dec

So at exactly the point when Rosie went up for her nap, which was exactly the point at which I was planning to head out and shoot some foul shots in the driveway, it started to snow.  It was a beautiful, fluffy, ground-covering, snowman-making kind of snow, but it wasn’t anything I was hoping to see for at least a couple of hours.

I went out without the camera rolling just to see what it was like, and heaved up a practice shot that didn’t touch anything.


It got a little better once I turned on the camera, but not much.  I’m pretty sure the first four were all clankers, and then I finally dropped one in.  Partway through, Jaydon, Noah and Mason joined me (Jaydon and Noah to work, Mason to play), and we slip-slided our way to 200 before I decided enough was enough.

Puts a little dent in the daily average (1,390 makes per day, including today), but that’s OK.  Yesterday’s big number allows me to rationalize this little one.

That’s 66,707 down, 933,293 to go to 1 million made foul shots.

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