And 1,200 later, still running …

29 Dec

On what was possibly the worst-ever day to shoot foul shots outside — about 15 degrees and a tree-bending wind — I’m grateful to say that Mr. Fred Vezina was again responsible for providing access to a toasty and windless Bishop Brady High School gymnasium.

So Noah joined me for a couple hours and 1,200 made shots.  Not much to report other than I was happy to find out that the marathon session of two days ago didn’t take as much a physical toll as I expected it would.  The last thousand or so shots I had made at Brady before today — those on Sunday — had been a ridiculous struggle, so it was encouraging to be at that very same foul line and feel like I knew what I was doing again.  Phew.

Oh, and the most interesting aspect of the day:  In true only-me form, when Noah and I returned to the car, we found it precisely the way we had left it two hours earlier … running.  He laughed at me for just about the entire trip home.

We needed a gas stop on the way, but on the coldest day I can remember in a long time, at least it was nice to return to a nice, warm car.

That’s 67,907 down, 932,093 to go to 1 million made free throws.

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