There’s a new sheriff in town …

30 Dec

… and his name’s Randy Wormald.

So this hair-growing, Harley-riding, kid-inspiring, Noah-Godfathering, doctorate-getting, Google-loving, Pythagorean-theorizing, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire-playing, electric truck-making dude who was once named New Hampshire’s Teacher of the Year is now our very own Rebounder of the Year as well.  On a day when I played the idiot yet again (yesterday I left the car running for the entire session, today I left the camera in Epsom), there was a happy ending when Randy broke his brother Dana’s HFH rebounding record by firing ’em back for 1,948 made free throws in two hours.

Yes, the coveted 2,000 plateau remained unscathed, but it got a whiff of us.

You know a guy’s in this for keeps when he gets a call from his wife during the middle of the romp and puts her on speaker phone so he doesn’t have to put the brakes on the momentum.  Thanks for your patience, Jodi … You’re husband, my brother-in-law, took one for the team today.

Thanks to Jack Wormald as well, who set aside his chicken soup to grab the camera and bring it to Bishop Brady for the half-wit.  Jack rebounded the first 59 before Randy stepped in, at which point the clock started ticking and Math Man started dominating.  All told, we dropped in 2,030 on the afternoon, 1,948 of which were Randy’s within that two-hour window.


That’s 69,937 down, 930,063 to go to 1 million made foul shots.  Seven percent, here we come!

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