Two balls, two Cohens, two thousand (plus)

01 Jan

The Fabulous Cohen Family was in town today.  This involves my oldest friend in the world (not age-wise, but longevity-wise), Kristen, the guy who has since become her husband and one of my dearest friends, Lee, and their — get this — two sets of twin boys, Dan/Tom and Charlie/Pete.  They’re all great, and Petey just happens to be my Godson, which is why we shall be pictured below with our dueling Celtics gear.

The last time the FCF came north for some foul shooting, a few weeks back, we walked into the Epsom gym expecting to find emptiness but instead found the makings of a dance recital.  Oops.  This time, we found that coveted emptiness … and we had a plan as to how to fill it.

Specifically, it was Dan, who is one half of the elder twins, and Lee, and my own Noah, who has been as dedicated to this effort as anyone and is making me prouder every day.  Four of us.  But rather than the traditional one-ball-and-three-rebounder strategy that we might normally employ, today we put a spin on it … two balls, two rebounders (Dan and Noah) and one hander-offer, Lee.  The game goes like this:  I shoot one, Noah or Dan rebound as Lee is handing me the other.  They fire to Lee at my right side, and on and on we go.  You’ll get a better feel with a two-minute video snippet via the wonder of YouTube, by clicking here.

It took me a while to get into a rhythm, but this was a screaming-fast pace.  The boys were amazing rebounders, even on my most grotesque bricks, and Lee did an incredible job with the juggling act to my right.  It was fast, it was furious, and when the dust had settled we were looking at 2,100 made foul shots in just under two hours … an hour and 56 minutes, to be exact.

The festivities were capped off by pizza night, brought to you by the one and only Epsom House of Pizza.  Another wonderful dinner, Nick!  But the first day of 2010 was made for all of us here at the Cummings household by the Cohens, who always turn a good day into something even better.

And that’s 73,837 down, 926,163 to go to 1 million.

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