January 11: 1,200 with Dad

12 Jan

We’re usually kind of slow-and-steadyish, dear old Dad and me, but tonight we actually had it moving right along for awhile.  On the other hand, we try not to push it considering his back and leg pain, which seems to get pretty prohibitive once we cross the 1,000 mark.  So 1,200 it was, happily, in about an hour and 45 minutes.

That’s the good news.  The bad is this:  It appears that the home computer — which is kind of the home base for this project, especially the video component — is toast.  I know, that’s kind of technical jargon.  Translation:  We need a new computer.  Gulp.  As I write this, I’m on Dad’s MacBook Pro, which really seems to be a sweet rig … so I’m tempted to go that route.  We’ll see.  For now, just know that it may be a few days before we’ve got anything new up on the site, home of TMBMOAT (The Most Boring Movies Of All Time).

Meanwhile, we’re still moving along, planning to break through our first major milestone — 100,000 — next week.  Haven’t decided on the venue yet, but hoping for someplace where we can spread the word.

For now, that’s 87,207 down, 912,793 to go to 1 million.

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