January 15: 1,300 with Dad

16 Jan

Uh-oh … Don’t look now, but we’ve got something of a math problem.

The plan is to land on 100,000 Tuesday night at halftime of the Pembroke-Merrimack Valley varsity boys’ basketball game, but suddenly I’m realizing that’s going to take a serious push for the next few days.

Tonight’s 1,300 with Dad (Thanks Dad!) got us to 93,007, leaving 7,000-ish to make in the next four days.  Let’s call tomorrow with Uncle Ray a 1,700 night, and the A Team — brothers-in-law Dana and Randy — is coming in for a two-ball day on Sunday, so let’s optimistically count on 2,300 there, which would leave 3,000 or so to make between Monday and Tuesday.  OK, so maybe it’s not that bad.

Anyone have a couple hours to spare Monday — Martin Luther King Jr. Day?  The pay isn’t good, there’s zero conversation and you could pinch a nerve craning your neck, but on the other hand, the fountain water is the best I’ve ever had.


Here’s the other math:  That’s 93,007 down, 906,993 to go to 1 million made foul shots.

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