Jan. 18: Double session, and 2,200

18 Jan

We’re officially in position to hit 100,000 tomorrow, having spent two sessions of 1,100 each today for 2,200h … 99,457 total.  That leaves us with 523 to make sometime during the day tomorrow, then the final 20 at the Pembroke/Merrimack Valley boys’ basketball game in Pembroke.  Game starts at 6:30, and I can’t wait to get out there and have a better showing than two nights ago in Manchester.  The good news is that I set the bar so low, I’m pretty sure I can clear it.

So, as for today.  The early session was alone, testing out this rebounding product called the “Shoot Around,” which is basically a plastic tube that attaches to the rim and funnels all made shots back in any direction you ask it to.  It’s very accurate, a cool gadget, but it wasn’t necessarily built with speed in mind.  Typically it was three or four bounces before it was back to me, so the pace was considerably slower than normal … 1,100 in about two hours and five minutes.

I got home a little panicked about how tomorrow would look with 1,600-ish shots still to make.  The Amazing Heth just said, “Go back tonight.”  So I did, with Dad, and we knocked down another 1,100 … this time in about an hour and 40 minutes.

Crossing the 10 percent mark tomorrow.  Looking forward to it.

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