January 25: Nana for 1,560

26 Jan

It used to be that Earlene Wormald — aka Nana — was merely the greatest mother-in-law on the planet.  Turns out she’s superhuman, too.

It was a few weeks ago that Nana joined me for her first rebounding session and fired them back at me to the tune of 1,400 made foul shots.  It was pretty amazing, a real solid two-hour number and a few handfuls better than that magical 1,370 we need to average per night for these 1 million foul shots to happen in two years.

Then along came tonight.

All she did, this 65-year-old grandmother-of-nine with a brace on her right wrist and not an ounce of organized basketball in her biography, was to beat her old number by, um, ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY.  That’s right, 1,560 for Nana tonight.  Made me think back to the first few weeks of this venture, when 1,500 seemed like a barely attainable two-hour goal.

“I loved it,” she said when I dropped her off a few minutes before 11 tonight.

So what’s next for Nana?  You never know, but tomorrow there’s a good chance she’ll save the whales, balance the state budget and fix the alternator on our neighbor’s truck … and then make Rosie her breakfast.

For more on Hoops For Heroes, visit or contact Dave Cummings at 603-554-7855.
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