Feb. 1: Another 1,600 with Nana

02 Feb

I figured out the one way to slow Nana down: Wizardry.

Yes, it’s true.  For the first time in the 82 days and 125,000-plus shots that I’ve taken since Hoops For Heroes began, tonight we watched a ball mystically bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, and finally settle motionless on the back iron.  Just … plain … stopped.  I guess we could have knocked it down quickly, but so fascinated was I that I felt compelled to take the accompanying photo.  Noah eventually  joined us and knocked the ball off the rim and in (no, we didn’t count it), but we probably lost a minute or so, just for fascination’s sake.

I guess I shouldn’t have been that stupefied, really.  Twice, after all, I’ve lodged the ball between the rim and the backboard.  But still, there’s something that just gets me about the balancing act that we witnessed tonight.

Hey, call me simple.

So anyway, Nana and I didn’t break her two-hour best, coming up a little short of the 1,560 she posted a week or so ago … but we did stick around a few extra minutes to put a nice round 1,600 for the evening.

All totaled up, that’s 116,607 down, 883,393 to go to 1 million made foul shots.

For more on Hoops For Heroes, visit or contact Dave Cummings at 603-554-7855.
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