Feb. 3: Uncle Ray and 1,600

04 Feb

The numbers game we’re playing here is that in order to complete this task in two years, we need to average 1,370 made shots per day.  The plan was originally to aim for 1,000 per day in 1,000 days, but sometime in late December it became apparent that we could do a whole lot better than that, so here we are, 85 days in and averaging a little over 1,400 per day (1,402.43529, to be more precise).

The reason I bring that up is because it’s nice to have a little cushion above and beyond that 1,370, in the event of a sick day or some sort of emergency, and for a while not too long ago we were hovering right around the 1,410 mark.  This morning when I broke out the calculator, I realized we were at just a hair over 1,400, and that’s a line I’d like to not fall beneath, if at all possible.

Which brings us to tonight, and despite Mr. Ray Duckler getting hung up for a bit at work, which caused a little self-rebounding for a half-hour or so, we really fired it up when he got there … roaring to 1,600 with a whole lot of perfect passing and some pretty darned good shooting, if I may be so bold.  I think we may have even had a 500 in one of those half-hours, which is just a ridiculously fast pace.

You know what?  I’ve suddenly lost interest in my own premise.

So let’s just end it with this:  We’re now at 119,207 down, 880,793 to go to 1 million made foul shots.

Thanks, Raynman!

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