Feb. 4: Lots of help, and 1,800

05 Feb

Three of Frank Alosa’s Granite State Raiders, a tireless trio of Epsom boys, had the ball flying all over the place tonight, and when the dust settled there were 1,800 more made free throws on the board.

Actually, Brad Rhoades, Pat Welch and Jordan Williams don’t get all the credit.  Pat’s dad Bill Welch jumped in for the first 100, and my own Dad, who we know around here as Grampa Seth, snagged 500 or so after that, but it was the teenagers who set the gym on fire.  Not literally.  That would be arson.  I mean … well, you know what I mean.  These dudes can snatch and pass with anyone.

So we had two balls going, during one stretch we knocked down 650 in a half-hour, and I swear there was one string where we may have hit 100 in less than four minutes.  I might just have to check the tape on that one.

The great thing about these guys is not just that they’re going to be helping keep the Pembroke varsity near the top of Class I for the next four years or so — although that’s pretty cool, too — but that they’re just plain nice young men.  Polite.  Hard-working.  Respectful (although Jordan did actually refer to me as a “crazy old man” at one point … kind of a stinger).  Noah is in awe of them, and they’ve been good enough to spend some time working with him … which is another reason I’m a fan.

Thanks, boys.  I hope to see you again soon.

Don’t look now, but we just crossed the 12 percent mark.  That’s 121,007 down, 878,993 to go to 1 million made foul shots.

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