February 8: The Raider boys for 2,000

09 Feb

The three Granite State Raiders from Epsom are becoming regulars, and that’s fine with me, because every time they show up big numbers seem to happen.

The three of them have a system worked out, rotating after every 200 made foul shots.  For the first 200, Pat rebounds and passes to Brad, who hands it to me.  The next, Jordan rebounds and passes to Pat, who hands it to me.  And then, Brad rebounds and passes it to Jordan, who hands it to me.  Two balls are going at once, and it doesn’t take long for the makes to pile up — tonight, it was 2,000 made in about an hour and 36 minutes, which averages out to about one made shot every 2.9 seconds.  It’s fast enough that my right wrist is sore right now, but it’s well worth it, because the average just just jumped up to 1,414 made shots per day in the 90 days so far.

All together, that’s 127,307 down, 872,693 to go to 1 million made foul shots.

And the boys are coming back on Thursday.  Assuming the wrist has recovered, I can’t wait.

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