February 10: Nana’s 1,500

10 Feb

So here’s what it’s come to with this Nana character:  We get done knocking down 1,500 foul shots in two hours, and she’s all, “We didn’t do so great.”

I guess that comes with the territory when her last two visits included a 1,560 and a 1,600.  And the fact is, she was exactly half right.  During those 120 minutes, she did her part nearly perfectly, firing them back with more zip than ever, right at the chest.  Me?  Well, to use her words, I didn’t do so great.  Sleepy.  Slow.  Sloppy.

And then there was Noah, who came down with us and put in an inspired, if not lengthy, workout.  He’s been watching the routine of his new buddy Pat Welch, so he broke out the jump rope and got in 2,000 revolutions, then did some dribbling and shooting before Grampa Seth made the trek down to the gym to pick him up.

The final assessment: a good night all around, despite my less-than-wonderful performance.

Creeping up on 13 percent, by the way.  That’s 129,807 down, 870,193 to go to 1 million made foul shots.

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One response to “February 10: Nana’s 1,500

  1. The Newport Worm

    February 11, 2010 at 4:41 pm

    Purely enjoying the daily blog updates! Keep firing D.C.! Love to board for you sometime…


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