Feb. 12-13: My weekend with Annette

14 Feb

Friday and Saturday, Feb. 12 and 13, have suddenly melded together, a whirlwind that included Pizza Night and Joe Zalgenis’s band Southern Breeze at Makris and Mason’s clinic and Noah’s game and Heather’s working Saturday … and, whew … Annette, beautiful Annette.

Actually, it’s “a net,” more precisely the SKLZ Rapid Fire ball return, an invention conceived of by this dude named Glenn Hudson, who contacted me after seeing the HFH Fox News coverage in January, thinking that his product might be just right for what we’re doing here.  It’s taken a while to get to it, just because we’ve had such incredible support and rebounding help, but this weekend was the weekend.

So squeezed in between the aforementioned Pizza Night and evening out at Makris on Friday, I stepped out and made my first acquaintance with the Rapid Fire.  The circumstances were not ideal.  One of the two spotlights that illuminate our driveway hoop was out, so I had to supplement with one of those contractor’s spotlights.  It was also pretty danged cold and there were occasionally inconvenient gusts of wind, but the Rapid Fire was undeterred.  Make or miss, it would collect my Wilson and send it screaming back.  Usually one quick hop and it was again in my hands, ready to go back up and away.  So after a slow start, we got moving along and made 1,000 in about an hour and 35 minutes … easily on pace for 1,200 in two hours if we’d been so inclined.

Then came Saturday, and with better light and better weather, the pace picked up.  In just under two hours, 1,400 were in the books, prompting Nana to wonder if, in fact, she is being replaced by this … this … this … “I’ve named her,” Nana said with disdain.  “Annette.”  That’s right, the name was derived by Nana the Unstoppable, and it’s perfectly hilarious.

As to the question of whether or not Annette will replace Nana, well, I went ahead and asked the SKLZ Rapid Fire ball return the following question:  “In addition to your obvious rebounding skills, can you vacuum, do laundry, clean dishes, cook, make sure our sons have their homework done and manage their brawls, put our daughter in for her naps, help her go pee when she needs a hand and manage her tantrums, look in on my dad every once in a while, feed our dog and basically provide our entire family with anything and everything it needs … ever?

To which Annette was exactly speechless, as is anyone else when told of what Nana does for this family.

Yes, Annette is good.  Nana, however, is irreplaceable.

That’s 133,707 down in our 95 days, leaving 866,293 to go to 1 million made foul shots.

For more on Hoops For Heroes, visit or contact Dave Cummings at 603-554-7855.
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