Feb. 17: ‘Wolf’ and ‘Gold’ for 1,000

17 Feb

Make a new friend, it’s a pretty darned good day.  Get a new nickname as part of the deal and, well, that’s even better.

So it went tonight with Gerry Gill, a Deerfield 25-year-old who came to the gym directly from an Ash Wednesday service (with the black-marked forehead to prove it) to help get this number a little closer to 1 million.  He was joined by his mother Terri, who was there for moral support and to snap a few photos as the night wore on.

And wear on it did.  By the end of the shooting, Gerry was pretty close to maxed out (“I need a nap,” he reported.  “Me too,” I answered.), but he would not relent during his appointed two-hour session.  He was focused, he was enthusiastic, and nearly every one of his passes was right to the chest.  Perfection.  And Gerry was obviously well-schooled, instinctively pouncing on every miss with the grip of a vice before sending it back.  And back.  And back.  And back.

When the two hours had elapsed, we had tacked on 1,000 made free throws, and within 10 minutes after that we had each tacked a nickname on the other.  The next time we get together, Gerry will officially be “Gold,” and I will officially be “Wolf.”  The details of how those came to be is between Gerry and me, but suffice to say it has something to do with each of our favorite Power Ranger.

So it was an excellent night, and it was a night that brought our number to 139,407 down, 860,593 to go to 1 million made free throws.

Thanks for the support, Terri.  And thanks for the help, Gold.

For more on Hoops For Heroes, visit or contact Dave Cummings at 603-554-7855.
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