Feb. 19: 2,000 with Mary and Julia

20 Feb

As Lyle might croon, “Ain’t it something ’bout the way things go …”

Late one night about three weeks ago, a Massachusetts high school teacher named Bob Jandrue made the trip up from Beverly to rebound.  We had a great time and knocked down 1,700-plus foul shots.  Then he went home and told his friend Mary about us, so she went online to check out  When she got there, she recognized one of my best pals and a great HFH supporter, Rob Azevedo, the brother of Laura Azevedo … who happens to be one of Mary’s best friends.

How “best”?  The two were college roommates (I’m pretty sure I’ve got that right), and Mary is a midwife who was there for the birth of both Laura’s children … and is Godmother to one of them.  Mary mentioned the connection to Laura, and Laura pointed out that, in fact, she and I may be working on a project related to HFH together.

How’s it go?  Small world.  But I wouldn’t want to paint it. (Not sure if that is officially a cliche at this point, but I still love it.)

Back to the story … Mary and I exchanged a few e-mails, and last night she and her 11-year-old daughter Julia found her way from home in Salem, Mass., to the Epsom Central School gym, and away we went.

One ball or two?  That was the next question.  Playing with one is more laid back, and probably good for 1,300 to 1,500 in the appointed two hours.  Two is more of a workout, a little more taxing, with just one rebounder at a time responsible for some quick retrieval, firing it back to hander-offer (still haven’t thought of a better name for that particular job) next to me at the foul line, and then doing it again … in a hurry.  The official HFH handbook suggests that the two switch jobs every 100.

Julia was a little hesitant about the two-ball thing, but with a little prodding from her mom went along with it, and … Zoooooooooom! Two hours later, with a little help from Noah and Korey filling in the gaps, we had made two thousand … and Mary called it fun.

It was an excellent and most-productive night, boosting the total to 143,407 down, 856,593 to go to 1 million made foul shots.  Thanks, Mary and Julia.

Ain’t it something?

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