Feb. 22: 1,000, and a YouTube challenge

23 Feb

It was a pretty nice February night here in Epsom — 30-ish degrees with very little wind — which made it a perfect evening to get back into the driveway and give “Annette,” our ball-getting net professionally known as SKLZ Rapid Fire, another spin.

The lack of wind certainly helps things along.  We were able to fly through 1,000 in just a hair under an hour and 20 minutes, which really leads me to be optimistic about how often we’ll be shooting in the driveway once springs finds us.

The only real point of interest from tonight: I tinkered with the camera settings to allow for what I thought was going to be better viewing of a nighttime experience, but somehow it came out a little ghostly and choppy.  Once we’ve figured out the issues that are delaying the uploads of video to, anyone who’s interested will have to have a little faith that what they’re seeing and what I’m counting do, in fact, add up to another 1,000.

And speaking of video, a guy by the name of Curt Dalton heard Hoops For Heroes on the recent NPR profile, and took it upon himself to create the three-minute YouTube video embedded above — a plea for help on behalf of HFH, and a pretty exciting challenge.  Check it out, and please pass it on.

We’re fast approaching 15 percent … now at 146,807 down, 853,193 to go to 1 million made foul shots.

For more on Hoops For Heroes, visit or contact Dave Cummings at 603-554-7855.
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