August 27: 2,000 with Team Belmont!

29 Aug

Let me tell you a story, and then ask you to play a brief guessing game …

On the nights that we’re lucky enough to have multiple rebounders and therefore two balls going at one time (because it’s faster-faster-faster!), there are two jobs other than that of the shooter: Rebound person, and transfer person.  The rebound person is the one collecting the balls from underneath the hoop.  The transfer person is the one standing to the immediate right of the shooting person, catching the pass from the rebound person and handing it to the shooting person.  Got it?

Ergo …

(Gosh, I’m attractive when I’m speaking in a foreign tongue, no?)

Both of those jobs — rebound person and transfer person — are equally critical to the ultimate well-being of the galaxy and all humankind.  However, as you might imagine, the job of the rebound person is more physically taxing (DING! bonus word) than that of the transfer person and shooting person put together.  In addition to the chasing-the-ball thing, the rebound person deals with the incessant craning-of-the-neck thing (and occasional taking-it-off-the-face thing), which is why I typically recommend that the rebound person and the transfer person switch jobs after every 100 or so.  Just usually works out better for everyone that way.

So although Friday night turned out beautifully, with 2,000 made foul shots in a brisk hour and 40 minutes, it didn’t exactly provide the job equity for which we normally strive.  The person who started out as the rebounder determined quickly that her particular skill set wasn’t best suited for that particular job (she said it, I didn’t), so after rebounding the first 100 made foul shots, she spent the next 1,900 doing the transferring, leaving all those remaining rebounds to her pal.

So that’s the story.  Now, the guessing game:  Which of these two people, based on the information provided by clicking on their names below, was the rebound person for 1,900, and which was the transfer person for 1,900?

Ms. Caitlin Clary.

Mrs. Alison Bryant. (She’s the one holding the microphone.)

You’ve made your guess?  Now check your answer.  Keep in mind that Caitlin was wearing red, Alison blue, and click here.

Generally speaking, you can file this one under, “Shaker Regional’s Got Talent.”  Caitlin is a former student of The Beautiful Heth’s at Belmont Middle School, and Alison is a former TBH co-worker.  They’re both now pals, of each other and ours, and both are among the most entertaining people you’d ever want to meet.  In addition to being one of the best athletes Belmont High has ever produced (who now plays her softball for Assumption College in Worcester, Mass.), I dare you to give her a microphone and throw on some Carrie Underwood … then stand back and just let it play itself out.  And I’m pretty sure she can literally quote “Finding Nemo” from start to finish, maybe even without the moving being on.

Alison, a high school English teacher and drama club coach, brings similar musical gifts to the table (hey, you saw the karaoke), complemented by ridiculous Scrabble skills.  I recall at least one night here at the homestead a few years back when she absolutely embarrassed me — actually, humiliated is the more accurate word — over a Scrabble board.  Not kidding.  No, seriously, I’ve just gotten to the point where I can talk about it now.  And she’s currently in the same doctoral program as TBH’s brother Randy, so I’m taking that to mean she’s more than just some crazy speller-chick.  Big brains, I’m saying.

That’s them, Caitlin and Alison, together an absolutely first-rate rebounding team, and one that I hope will return to the gym someday.  Even if they didn’t exactly offer up that sentiment in a recent Facebook exchange …

Alison: I can’t feel my hands.

Caitlin: I can’t look up without feeling like I’m going to decapitate myself.

Thanks for the help, Team Belmont.  With those, and 1,500 more Saturday, and 1,000 this morning, we’re now at 408,507 down, 591,493 to go to 1 million made foul shots.

For more on Hoops For Heroes, with a goal of 1 million made foul shots and $1 million raised for the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund, visit or contact Dave Cummings at 603-554-7855.
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  1. Paige Oristano

    August 29, 2010 at 11:39 am

    love it!


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