November 10: Belmont High School

13 Nov

Wow, Belmont High School knows how to do a Veterans Day appreciation.

Student musicians played an original song. Students told stories of family members who had served. Six Veterans shared parts of their stories through letters, slideshows and essays. And we were shown this presentation, which you absolutely must watch …

The afternoon event on Nov. 10 was produced by Dan Clary, the Belmont High assistant principal and coincidentally my junior high basketball coach (a couple years ago … or so), and it was absolutely breathtaking.

My part came at the end, to talk a little bit about Hoops For Heroes and make a 873 baskets to get us to 499,900. But what struck me, after seeing and hearing from those with first-hand experience with true heroism and sacrifice, was just how good I’ve had it, and how good I’ve got it. My daily struggles typically involve not burning the steak tips, or making sure Noah gets to basketball practice on time, or hoping the DVR captured this week’s episode of “Glee.” Not sure how well I’d handle 130-degree days on the other side of the world. Not sure how well I’d handle wondering if I’d ever hear from my spouse again, or raising three kids on my own. Not sure how well I’d handle having a leg blown off.

Did you watch that video up there yet? If not, please go back.

I think I’ll take a moment each and every day, whether it’s Veterans Day or Arbor Day or Mothers Day or just some random Tuesday.

I’ll close my eyes.

I’ll say, “Thank you.”


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2 responses to “November 10: Belmont High School

  1. Marilyn

    November 13, 2010 at 12:43 pm

    What a touching and thoughful video. Again, because of you, the spirit of patriotism, the love of our country, and to keep the lives of those serving and those who have sacrificed their lives for us, in our hearts and prayers. God Bless You, Dave Cummings.

  2. Carolyn

    November 14, 2010 at 6:24 pm


    Thank you over and over again….the video Remember Me brought me to tears. Thank you for keeping this in my consciousness so I will never forget.


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