January 22: Team Bean reaches 20 grand

23 Jan

These Beans are a wonderful people, and they mock because they love. At least, that’s my hope. They showed up yesterday (Saturday) with their fourth and fifth fingers taped together, a little jab at my bummed out pinky.

But then, the tape came off, the four of us got to shooting, and the ball kept going through the net. Ridiculously quickly.

Here’s the way the shooting speed has gone since we started four hundred twenty-something days ago: At first, I’d hoped for 1,000 made free throws every two hours. When we hit 1,200 in that time, it was a landmark. Then we hit 1,430 with Mike Keeler (who has the goriest finger dislocation story I’ve ever heard, by the way), then 1,460 with Chris Nicolopoulos, then 1,470 with Mark and Leanna Travis, then 1,480 with Fred Vezina. We crossed another level when we hit 1,860 in that two-hour span with Dana Wormald, and that number stood as the best until Dana’s brother Randy chalked up 2,030, which stood until Jeff Novotny (who’s had a new baby boy, Eli, since then) assisted on 2,100. Eli’s dad, still today, holds the best one-ball number for two hours.

And then we started to use two balls at once, and things got significantly quicker.

Now, we measure based on the fastest time to 2,000 made foul shots. The baseline is an hour and 40 minutes, which means 100 made every five minutes. When we did it in an hour and 30 minutes, I thought that could never be beaten. Then we did it in an hour and 25 minutes, and I was sure that would never be beaten. And then, on New Year’s Eve, Jim, Seth and Chandler Bean were there when the time was an hour and 19 minutes … a record that would stand for sure.

And then yesterday, with Jim and Seth joined by Kara rather than Chandler, we beat that time by just about four minutes: two thousand in 1:15:15.

We then went for an extra 40 to get the official Team Bean count to a nice round number … They’ve now amazingly assisted on 20,000 made foul shots.

Because these Beans are a wonderful people.

For more on Hoops For Heroes, with a goal of 1 million made foul shots and $1 million raised for the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund, visit or contact Dave Cummings at 603-554-7855.




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