February 25: TroyHair and a pair of Seths

04 Apr

Here’s one of the great things about Troy Wallace: When it comes to Crazy Hair Day at Epsom Central, he’s all in. And if school happens to be cancelled due to snow and there really is no reason to go all Cray-Hair, he’s going Crazy-Hair anyway.  I mean, just look at him up there.  (Good guess, he’s the one on the far right.)  And that’s no simple gel-and-tussle.  That’s a full-on Man vs. Trimmer experience.

That … is Troy Vincent getting his Crazy Hair on in earnest.

The other grin-worthy component to the day was the return of one Seth Tatman Cummings, a.k.a. Dad, who after going gangbusters early on in the project hadn’t been well enough to participate in just about a year.  So with Troy, Mason, Noah and the Beans (Jim, Chandler and Seth) also in the fold, we had our first two-Seth day, which is a pretty good day indeed.

Now if only we could get our old Cheney Street buddy Seth Richer to join us …


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