February 26: Dave DeWitt, happen-maker

05 Apr

WOW! … is that ever a goofy picture of me.  Geez, straight from the “Glee” audition, or what?

Fortunately, Hannah (left) and Tyler (right) Coppo smarten it up a bit, and Peterborough businessman Dave DeWitt, there in the back left, ain’t so bad himself.

Actually, Mr. DeWitt is a whole lot better than not bad.  Sometime soon after the midway point, Dave introduced himself via e-mail and said he’d like to help Hoops For Heroes.  He then got to helping, producing hundreds of HFH pins, car magnets, flyers and various other promotional items at his Peterborough company, Time Frame Inc.

And if that wasn’t enough, Dave began organizing a HFH event at a Con-Val (of Peterborough) High School varsity basketball game, which is how Noah and I came to be in Peterborough on the evening of February 26 … soliciting donations, saying a few words and making 10 (of 11) foul shots at halftime, then sticking around for 1,490 more after the game, with the help of Tyler Newcomb, Aiden Hall, Joshua O’Curran, Jon Hall and the Coppos, Tyler, Hannah and Ann Marie.

And if that wasn’t enough, Dave handed over roughly $1,700 in checks to the cause before we got out of there.  The man knows how to make things happen.

There will be plenty of people to thank when this is all said and done, and near the top of that list will be Mr. Dave DeWitt.

P.S. At 667,007 down, we’re two-thirds of the way there!

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One response to “February 26: Dave DeWitt, happen-maker

  1. annmarie

    March 3, 2012 at 5:32 pm

    Thank you for writing this. We are happy we helped you at convalescent that night.!!!


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